By combining the classic photographic elements of light, form, texture, and composition with contemporary elements of computerized graphic enhancement, Bert Byerley creates a fusion of timeless visual messages conveyed in a very timely fashion. In essence, these photographic paintings offer viewers a unique opportunity to join Bert in a shared visual experience that ranges from a point of simple sensory enchantment all the way to unexpected enlightenment.

Overall, the artful passion that Bert brings to his personal exploration of life's magical moments gently expresses the interior spiritual language of the exterior world. A world of Magical Realism wherein everything environmental is wonder-filled and welcoming, and every photograph becomes your personal invitation to experience the ordinary world in an extraordinary way. By utilizing a fantastical palette to create entirely new visual mindscapes, Bert achieves his goal of telling a complete emotional story in a single captured moment, literally portraying a familiar reality in a captivating new light.

On this website, Bert invites you to share his intuitive connection to life's "small moments of great wonder," where everything is magically illuminated – from without and from within.

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